Korean Eojeol Processing

Ki Chun Nam


The Korean Eojeol is the spacing unit in a written Korean sentence, and it is a component of a phrases. Also, The Eojeol can be matched with a phonological word or accentual phrase in a spoken utterance. The Eojeol is made up of letters, phonemes, syllables, morphemes, or words, and it is the unit of connecting the sublexical and lexical components with the grammatical ones. Thus, in Korean language processing, understanding and producing Eojeols are critical and necessary. The current review will deal with the mental representation and process of Eojeols in Korean mental lexicon and the associated cerebral representation. Based on the previous results, plausible models will be discussed. The second part of the review, based on the previous normal adult results of Eojeol processing, is concerned with the evaluation and diagnosis of the lexical development, the proficiency of foreigners, Korean lexical processing, and the age-related processing change. The way of how the evaluation system is constructed, how to connect the system with the users and subjects, and how their results can be evaluated and diagnosed will be explained. At the summary part, what is the connection point between laboratory-based research results and application to the real life settings and why that kind of efforts are necessary will be presented.